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Heliox Solar Racing Team


                Two seater solar vehicle 1988                   2007 - in the Australian outback....

The private  team exists since 1984. We always constructed racing vehicles based on optimised standard equipment to show the capability of solar - power in everyday life.

In 2007 we have participated at the World Solar Challenge and crossed Australia with an ultra light two seater vehicle - again based on standard components only. With all the experience and know how collected, we will start at the global green challenge 2009 with a completly new vehicle, again based on standard components which should be 90% recyclable. For updated information - see NEWS.


Dominic de Vries      Team manager

Team members 2009:

Sabine, Vincent, Sidney, Markus, Daniel, Tony, Susanne, Jason

===> TESTDRIVE with Heliox 11 (2009) with driver & passenger

===> Short Video HELIOX TEAM history... <===

===> Interview &  TV - report ... <===

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